The Florida Public Health Risk Assessment Tool is organized into six sections:

  1. Public Health Emergency Preparedness and Response Capabilities Assessment
    State and County assessments of the status of each function within the 15 CDC Public Health Preparedness Capabilities.
  2. Resource Assessment
    State and County assessments of the jurisdictional resources available for responding to each hazard.
  3. Risk Assessment
    Displays the State and county's residual risk for 38 hazards of public health relevance, vulnerability indexes, hazard impacts and mitigation factors.
  4. Charts and Outputs
    Displays charts and graphs of the hazard risks, capabilities gaps and resources gaps.
  5. Reports and Maps
    Calculates county, and region and state aggregated reports. The Mapping tool displays the report as a state and county subdivision maps.
  6. FPHRAT Data
    Data utilized in the FPHRAT: Medical and social vulnerability, community resilience, CIKR, hazard impacts and hazard probabilities.

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